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Iggesund Automatic Baler


Iggesund Fully Automatic Hydraulic Baler Press for cardboard waste available immediately




Iggesund IMAB 30-80  1997 300-700 kg 550 x 1000 x variable
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated board
  • Plastic
  • Production waste
  • Aluminium
  • Fully automatic hydraulic baler
  • Baler for cardboard waste
  • Baler for corrugated board waste
  • Baler for plastic waste
  • Baler for production waste
  • Baler for aluminium waste
  • New control program

The Iggesund waste baler was produced in 1997 by the Iggesund Maskin AB. The baler press is used to bale cardboard, corrugated board, plastic, production and even aluminium waste. The used baling press is in very good working order and available for inspection in production.

Fully automatic hydraulic baler for sale at a reasonable price

The length of the automatic baler is 5000 mm, the width of the hydraulic baling press is 1650 mm, and the height of the baler is 3250 mm. The working pressure is 80 tons; maximum bale weight is up to 700 kg.

Hydraulic baler is the ideal option to deal with cardboard waste

The Hydraulic baling press is the best baler to process packaging production waste. Hydraulic power pack reaches the maximum pressure needed to recycle cardboard waste. Hydraulic baler is the ideal option for the packaging manufacturing companies with at least 1 tonne of cardboard material or corrugated board material to bale per week. Functionalities include:

  • Automatic baler has up to 90% compaction
  • Bales of up to 700 kg, binding of the bale
  • Multi-purpose baling press: cardboard, plastic, PET, aluminium, production waste

Iggesund hydraulic baling press is well serviced and in very good order

The automatic waste baler is available for inspection in production and in very good working order. The hydraulic second-hand bailing press is for sale at a reasonable price.

Check out the video of automatic baler press at work:

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