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Göpfert Box Maker


Göpfert SRE 2 (Compact) Box Maker – German-quality box maker for sale




Göpfert SRE 2 Compact 2500 x 9900 mm  220 / hour corrugated board up to triple wall
  • 2 slitters
  • 4 creasers
  • 2 penny pull slitters
  • Servo drive
  • Good condition, fair price

The Göpfert SRE 2 Compact box maker is a cardboard processing machine to produce boxes. This case maker converts FEFCO boxes or special design boxes from corrugated board up to 2500 mm x 9000 mm. The Goepfert SRE 2 Compact is a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment to take heavy cardboard loads.

Göpfert Box Maker is truly one of a kind in the packaging manufacturing industry

The Gopfert box maker allows the production of a completely finished box in only one pass. All required steps to manufacture a ready-to-seal box from an uncut and unfolded large stockboard are carried out in one single cardboard pass. The Goepfert casemaker is easy and quick to set up and run.

Goepfert SRE 2 Case Maker has a large variety of functionalities

The Gopfert Compact box maker functionalities are slitting, scoring, die cutting and printing. SRE 2 box maker is a classic cardboard manufacturing machine for a company in the packaging industry field. Case maker produces a whole range of FEFCO catalogue boxes and tailor-made boxes.

  • Goepfert box maker is fast to set up
  • Gopfert box maker delivers good production per hour
  • Göpfert case maker produces FEFCO catalogue boxes and custom made boxes
  • Box maker is able to perform slotting, die cutting, scoring and trimming

Used Göpfert SRE2 Compact for sale

This great box maker is looking for a new master to serve for many years to come. The used machine is in good working condition and available at a reasonable price. The Göpfert Compact box maker is available immediately. Göpfert box-production equipment is the ideal choice for a packaging manufacturing company who cares about quality, ease of use and a high production rate per hour.

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