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Bobst Automatic Flatbed Die Cutter


BOBST Automatic Flatbed Die Cutter – packaging processing Ferrari for sale




BOBST SPO 1600 1977 1100 x 1600  5000 / hour
  • 1-10 mm corrugated board
  • Solid board
  • Vacuum-assisted base feeding system
  • Centreline 1 and centreline 2
  • Stripping station 
  • Stacker
  • Waste conveyor
  • Quick order change table
  • In excellent operational condition
  • Available for inspection in production

BOBST and flatbed die cutting belong together. This great die cutting machine was produced back in 1977; however, it is still in excellent working condition and is producing up to 5000 sheets per hour.

BOBST 1600 Die Cutter: very high and steady production rate

The BOBST automatic flatbed die cutter is in daily use in the Estonian packaging manufacturing company and is available for inspection in production. BOBST SPO is an ideal die cutter to set up, and also for small runs. The high-quality converting tools and equipment allow quick changeover between jobs.

BOBST SPO 1600 Flatbed Die Cutter: excellent cardboard die cutter for sale

BOBST automatic die-cutter uses two centrelines. The “Centreline“ system is used to reduce the time needed to put jobs into operation on autoplaten presses. The main functionalities of the automatic die cutter are:

  • BOBST SPO 1600 comes with base-feeding system and two Centreline systems
  • Automatic laminator is equipped with stripping station, stacker and waste conveyor
  • BOBST 1600 is designed for quick order change

BOBST Automatic Die Cutter refurnished in 2012

BOBST Die Cutter was manufactured in 1977. BOBST flatbed die cutter is a series 4 machine. It was overhauled by BOBST factory in the UK in 2004 and was used for operator and engineer training.

Ecobox has bought the die cutter in 2012 and it’s been in use ever since. There was some significant refurnising work done on the Automatic Die Cutter in 2011 by BOBST. BOBST replaced the Worm, all of the parts in the Sector Claw Coupling and the Sector Advance Gear. They also replaced both the Clutch and Brake.

This BOBST Automatic Flatbed Die Cutter is adjusted with the following PIP’s:

  • PIP1 Enhanced Vacuum Plate PIP3
  • Reinforced fixing of Platen Press Infeed PIP5
  • Board Thickness indicator PIP6
  • Facility for 1mm Cutting Plate PIP8
  • Safety claw with warning. PIP9/9.5
  • Centerline 1 & 2. PIP12
  • Automatic Gripper Chain Lubrication PIP14
  • Quick Change device for Gripper Margin removal PIP16
  • Mobile delivery frame for batch formation PIP2
  • Reinforcement of vacuum plate drive PIP21
  • Modification of flywheel shaft PIP22
  • Reinforcement of gripper opening shaft in delivery PIP23
  • Reinforcement of sector shaft PIP25
  • Programmed stop device PIP28
  • Direct reflection Photocells PIP31
  • Suction plate with centre cups PIP33
  • Batch lifter at infeed

Basically this BOBST Flatbed Die Cutter is as good as the machines that were produced in 90-ties.

BOBST Automatic Die Cutter: flexible and high-quality automatic die cutter for sale

The automatic die cutter for sale is produced by BOBST, which is a well-known global packaging industry equipment provider. BOBST was founded in 1890 in Switzerland and has become a leading brand trusted by the cardboard processing industry. The BOBST SPO 1600 automatic die cutter is in very good operational order and available for inspection in production.

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