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Slitter Creaser


Slitter Creaser with Thin Blade LXC-SSTB307 (2010) for sale


 China LXC-SSTB307  2010  2800 mm  120 / min
  • 3-ply cardboard
  • 5-ply cardboard
  • Slitting and scoring
  • 3 slitting blades
  • 8 pairs of scoring wheels
  • Slitting width auto-lock
  • Multiple functions
  • Available for sale immediately
  • Available for inspection in production

The thin blade slitter-creaser machine is used in corrugated paperboard paper partitioning. The auto slitter & creaser machine is cardboard processing and production hardware combining multiple functions and providing constantly great results.

The slitter scorer is equipped with three slitting blades and eight pairs of scoring wheels. The slitting unit is equipped with automatic sharpener system. The blades do not have to be unmounted for the sharpening process. The machine model LXC-SSTB307 is produced in China (y.p 2010).

The thin blade slitter-scorer is available immediately for a reasonable price

The slitter-scorer machine is well maintained and currently in production. The slitter machine is in excellent condition. The slitter creaser is available for immediate inspection and sale.

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