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Smoothbonwell Slotter Creaser


Smoothbonwell ARS-48E Auto Rotary Slotter & Creaser




 Smoothbonwell  ARS-48E  2007  1200 x 2400  4500 / hour
  • 3-ply cardboard
  • 5-ply cardboard
  • Vacuum assisted kick back feeder
  • Quick setting of slotting section
  • Rubber roll delivery system
  • Available for sale immediately
  • Available for inspection in production

The ARS-48E slotter creaser machine is used in corrugated paperboard paper partitioningAuto rotary slitter & creaser machine is comprehensive cardboard processing and production equipment combining corner cutting & slotting, line pressing and edge cutting of the corrugated paperboard.

This Smoothbonwell slotter & creaser has been in use in European cardboard processing industry since 2007.

The auto rotary slotter & creaser was developed by Smoothbonwell in 2007

The slitter creaser is in excellent working condition, in production at the moment and immediately available for inspection.

This used slotter creaser is a multi-purpose tool in cardboard industry

The auto rotary slotter creaser can be used for single paperboard3-ply cardboard and 5-ply cardboard slotting and creasing. The maximum blank size is 1200 x 2400 mm. The production of the second hand slotter creaser is up to 4500 sheets per hour. The design of the ARS-48E slotter creaser machine is compact.

The slitter creaser machine functionalities

The second hand slitter machine is equipped with vacuum assisted kick back feeder and rubber roll delivery system. The second hand auto rotary slitter allows quick setting of slotting section. This used Smoothbonwell slitting creasing machine is in excellent condition and offers a great value for printing and cardboard processing industry.

  • The slotter creaser is precise and operates smoothly.
  • The used slitter machine is equipped with vacuum suction feeding system. This means that curved board can be fed smoothly into Smoothbonwell slotter creaser.
  • The second hand slotting-creasing machine allows setting the slotting section in minutes.

Used slotter creaser available for sale immediately

Smoothbonwell ARS-48E Auto Rotary Slotter & (2007) is available for inspection in production and available for sale immediately. The second hand slotter creaser is in great working condition.

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