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Used corrugating machines


Corrugator Bridge

Second-hand corrugated flow line – cardboard production line

Agnati’s used corrugated cardboard production line consists of reel stands, splicers, an automatic reel delivery system, fingerless type single facer, preheater, double bridge and glue tanks.


Set of Reel Stands

Used Agnati reelstands 1800mm, SCB-DS 1993 y.p. 3pc for sale

The splicer and reel stand feed the paper rolls into the corrugator and enable rolls to be changed without interrupting the production of corrugated board. Agnati SCB-DS reel stands SCB 1800 mm (1993) are equipped with expanding cores and pneumatic brakes.
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Simplex Preheater

Agnati Preheater and PRR spare parts

Agnati's used preheater is sold for usage in the corrugated production line or as spare part units. The preheater comes with 36’’ diameter cylinder and wrap arms.


C90 Single Facer

Agnati C90 – get a corrugator from a reliable source

A corrugator is a set of machines engineered to assemble three, five or seven sheets of paper to form single face, single wall board, double wall board or triple wall board in a continuous process. Ecobox is offering different corrugator components for their second round.


Cartridges (B-flute)

Single Facer Cartridges with motorised carriage equipped with B-flute rolls

Agnati C90 Single Facer transforms the paper into a series of connected flutes thanks to the corrugating rolls: large cylinders with a corrugated profile. We are offering single facer cartridges with B-flute rolls.
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Cartridges (E flute)

Single Facer cartridges with motorised carriage equipped with E-flute rolls

Agnati’s C90 Single Facer is used to produce a series of connected flutes from the paper. Corrugating rolls are large cylinders with a corrugated profile. Ecobox offers used single facer cartridges with E-flute rolls. The cartridges are in good condition.
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Splicers GVR

Agnati GVR Set of Agnati high-speed splicers

Agnati’s high speed splicers provide outstanding reliability and performance. Agnati GVR splicers reduce waste, increase overall corrugator productivity, improve overall board quality and reduce paper breakages. Agnati high-speed splicers are easy to operate and very reliable.


Adhesive Plant

Used Adhesive Plant for sale

Flomat adhesive plant ensures reliable and secure starch production. Flomat Adhesive plant's maintenance costs are reasonable. Easy installation, stable operation and low operation costs make this adhesive plant a very good investment.
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