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Simplex Preheater


Agnati PRR simplex preheater (1993)




Agnati PRR  1993  1800 MM
  • Corrugated board
  • Simplex Preheater
  • 36″ Diameter Cylinder
  • Motorised Wrap Arms
  • Good Condition

Used cardboard production line – well-maintained production line from a trusted source

We are offering Agnati corrugated board manufacturing line units for their second round. A corrugator is a technological system of different units in a line that operates in the cardboard producing process. The system uses paper to produce corrugated board.

Agnati Preheater and PRR spare parts

Agnati’s used preheater is sold for usage in the corrugated production line or as spare part units. Preheater spare parts include preheater bearings, preheater clamping wedges, preheater coupling, preheater flanges, preheater gaskets, preheater tubes and preheater locknuts. The preheater comes with 36’’ diameter cylinder and wrap arms.


  • Agnati preheater
  • Simplex preheater
  • Preheater PRR
  • Single preheater
  • Preheater

Agnati Corrugating Equipment 1800 mm – check out the components

Corrugating Equipment 1800 mm
Max. Working width: 1800 mm

Agnati corrugated board production equipment for sale

Italian company BP Agnati Srl is a well-known expert and manufacturer of corrugated technology. BP Agnati Srl manufactures corrugating machines, corrugating rolls, relevant control systems and their spare parts. Ecobox is a cardboard and corrugated board production and processing company based in Estonia. We have attractive offers on different corrugator wet-end production line components. We support our customers with expertise and services concerning corrugated production, cardboard processing and paperboard machinery.

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