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C90 Single Facer


Agnati C90 Fingerless Single Facer




Agnati  C90  1993  1800 MM
  • Corrugated board
  • Fingerless single facer with air cushion system
  • Cartridge on motorised carriage equipped with B-flute rolls
  • Cartridge on motorised carriage equipped with E-flute rolls

Agnati C90 – get a corrugator from a reliable source

A corrugator is a set of machines engineered to assemble three, five or seven sheets of paper to form single face, single wall board, double wall board or triple wall board in a continuous process. Ecobox is offering different corrugator components for their second round.

Agnati Fingerless Single Facer for sale

Agnati C90 Single Facer transforms the paper into a series of connected flutes thanks to the corrugating rolls. If the flute profile has to be changed, then the corrugating rolls need to be changed. The Agnati C90 Single Facer is in good condition and immediately available. Agnati C90 Fingerless Single Facer (300m/min – 980 ft/min design speed) is equipped with quick flute change system (removable cartridge and electrical carriage to C90 single facer – B-flute rolls and E-flute rolls).


  • Single facer
  • Single facer
  • Agnati C90
  • Single facer cartridges
  • Single facer cassettes
  • C90 cartridges

Agnati Corrugator 1800 mm – check out the components

Corrugating Equipment 1800 mm
Max. Working width: 1800 mm

Agnati corrugator wet end available immediately

BP Agnati Srl is a recognised expert in design and engineering of corrugated technology. Ecobox is a cardboard processing and corrugated board production company located in Estonia.

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